Edie Read

Asking questions helps me flesh out ideas: are there structures/forms in the universe waiting to be discovered or are we inventing them to explain what we find? What are the sources of my images? Can they be found in the realms of science, anatomy, cosmology? The construction of images based on thoughts/ideas/experiences is metaphorical. No thing is one thing. Understanding and deciding upon a form to work within helps solidify what is not yet visible.

New and atypical interests: physics, coding, mathematical relationships. (some reading - Frank Wilczek – A Beautiful Question; Vikram Chandra – Geek Sublime, The Code of Beauty, the Beauty of Code, The Quantum and the Lotus, a Journey to the Frontiers where Science and Buddhism Meet, Matthieu Ricard, Trinh Xuan)

More typical and ongoing interests are the body, architecture, theater, music and poetry.

updated: 1 year ago